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Saturday, 7 October 2017

English Quiz

                          English Quiz

In the following questions, read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives:-
The recent change to all-volunteer armed forces in the United States will eventually produce a gradual increase in the proportion of women in the armed forces and in the variety of women’s assignments, but probably not the dramatic gains for women that might have been expected. This is so even though the armed forces operate in an ethos of institutional change oriented toward occupational equality and under the federal sanction of equal pay for work. The difficulty is that women are unlikely to be trained for any direct combat operations.
A significant portion of the larger society remains uncomfortable as yet with extending equality in this direction. Therefore, for women in the military, the search for equality will still be based on functional equivalence, not identity or even similarity of task. Opportunities seem certain to arise. The growning emphasis on deterrence is bound to offer increasing scope for women to become involved in novel types of noncombat military assignments.

1.Which sentence is an incorrect one?
A.The recent change to all voluntary armed forces in US will produce a gradual increase in the proportion of women.
B.The difficulty is that women are likely to be trained for any direct combat operation.
C.Opportunities seem certain to arise
D.The difficulty is that women are unlikely to be trained for any direct combat operation

2.A suitable title for the passage might be
A.Current status of women in US military.
B.Current status of women in US navy
C.Current status of women in US air force
D.Current status of women in US teaching service,

3.According to the passage, despite the United Sates armed forces commitment to occupational equality for women in the military, certain other factors preclude women
A.Being assigned all of the military tasks that are assigned to men.
B.Drawing assignments from a wider range of assignments than before
C.Having access to positions of responsibility
D.Receiving equal pay for equal work

4.The passage implies which of the following is a factor conductive to a more equitable representation of women in the United States armed forces than has existed in the past?
A.The all-volunteer character of the present armed forces.
B.The past service records of women who had assignments functionally equivalent to men’s assignments.
C.The level of awareness on the part of the larger society of military issues
D.An increased decline in the proportion of deterrence oriented non combat assignments.

5.The primary purpose of the passage is to
A.Present an overview of the different types of assignments available to women
B.Analyze reforms in the new United States all-volunteer armed forces necessitated by the increasing number of women in the military.
C.Present the new United States all-volunteer armed forces as a model case of equal employment policies in action
D.Present a reasoned prognosis of the status of women in the new United States all-volunteer armed forces.

Sentence Improvement:

6.It is more better to take this route, than the other one.
C.More good
D.No improvement

7.Getting tax refunds is a problematic not only for the common man but also senior officials.
A.are a problem
B.is a problem
C.are problems
D.is problem
E.No correction required

Out of the four alternatives choose the one word which can be substituted for the given words / Sentence.
8.Animals which suckle their young

9.A drug or other substance that induces sleep

10.Printed notice of somebody’s death


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